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These are some of the comments we received from clients who exited bankruptcy :

"I just received my email from the ISI to say that I have been discharged from bankruptcy today. I just wanted to sincerely thank both of you for your support and for making the whole process a lot easier. Couldn't recommend your company highly enough" Patricia

"If only all serious life issues could be dealt with so smoothly, we just want to say that you were fantastic to deal with from the very start, thanks very much for all your help" Bill

"Thank you so much for all your help, advice and calming words over the past 2 years.  We will be having a few drinks on Friday night to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a bright and prospective future for ourselves and our family." Clive

"Many thanks for all your help over the last 2 years"

"Life goes on and yeeehaaaa. And u can be sure all me friends will know all about  Ur superb service" Dave "Thank you so much for all you have done for me! I have my life back and I owe you so much!" Noel
Apart from our family home we had two properties both in negative equity and only one rented. We tried on numerous occasions over a period of 3 years to try and negotiate with our Bank but they were being completely unreasonable. We attended a seminar in Tralee given by Paul & Jane and were 90% sure that Bankruptcy was the only route for us to solve our financial situation. We met with Jane & Paul the following day to discuss our situation we were in no doubt after the meeting that bankruptcy was the best option for us and Neo was the company we wanted to help us through the process which seemed extremely confusing and scary to us. The fact that Jane & Paul had been through the whole process themselves we felt they understood exactly our situation how we were feeling. Once we engaged their services Jane was superb in dealing with the paperwork and always at the end of the phone or email to deal with any of our queries. Both Paul & Jane were extremely supportive to us throughout the whole process and it was a massive help that we knew on the day of the first Court Sitting that all our paperwork was in order. The Bankruptcy process itself is quite difficult on one's self-esteem but I can now say that once the second Court Sitting is over the relief of knowing that the debt was gone, that we would not receive any further phone calls or threatening letters for and now knew for certain our future financial situation that the decision to go through the process was the right decision for us and all well worth it. Even since the final court sitting Jane & Paul have been very helpful with their advice on how to deal with the Official Assignee's Office in relation to completing documentation regarding our current financial situation and their determination of a Payment Order, if appropriate. If your financial situation is dominating your life and stopping you from planning for the future bankruptcy may be an option for you. I would highly recommend that you engage Jane & Paul of Neo Financial Solutions to advise and guide you through the whole process. We saw a number of people in Court on both days whose paperwork was not in order and their adjudication was deferred to a future date. In my opinion this would have been a nightmare as being honest we didn't want to be travelling up to the High Court from Kerry over some stupid paperwork error. Jane & Paul were with us on both days in the High Court which was a massive personal support to us.? Also the knowledge that they are still at the end of the phone or email to deal with any query we may have during the duration of our bankruptcy is just fantastic.  
Buying in the boom, redundancy and saddled with a crippling debt. Living 30 miles from our family and we just were existing with no light at the end of the tunnel. Until I tuned into my local radio station and heard Paul Carroll speaking about bankruptcy. I thought we are just normal people surely this wouldn't suit us. So I attended a free bankruptcy seminar hosted by Paul and Jane Carroll. Then we made the huge decision a chance of a new life and a new start. A hard 3 years were ahead of us but we decided we would begin the bankruptcy process. From the start Jane and Paul were a breath of fresh air to deal with. Armed with knowledge and helping us to understand the ins and outs of the process. Our first court date Jane met us with a smile and reassurance. Paul accompanied us into the court room and in a blink of an eye it was over. Jane waiting for us outside smiling saying it's done your debt free. We are only 6 months into our bankruptcy but the relief has been unbelievable. Something we never thought possible. This duo have given us our lives back and honestly I can't thank them enough.
Making the phone call to Neo was the best life decision I have ever made. My husband had heard Paul on a radio station speaking about bankruptcy. We hadn't ever even considered the option until we heard Paul speak about it, straight away a high level of anxiety was reduced as there was a sliver lining for us as a family. I made the call to Neo to arrange an appointment. The first appointment was with Paul who sat with us and explained the bankruptcy process and what we needed to do. I went with a list of questions and Paul answered everything without a problem and made me feel at ease. After trying to deal with banks and mortgage arrears departments who had no empathy or consideration for our situation for nearly four years, the first appointment with Neo made me relaxed and a sense of hope. When all the bankruptcy paper work was ready we hear the dreaded word "court". I was so nervous to think I would be in court in front of a judge. I didn't need to worry one bit. Paul was with us in the court room and we were no more than ten minutes. We heard our number, let the judge know we were there and we could leave. The weight that was lifted that morning was unreal. I felt like a new person. Our second court date came around and to be honest I did get nervous again. No idea why as I knew Paul would be there. This morning both Paul and Jane were there and again we were in and out in minutes. Outside Jane gave me a big hug and I felt so emotional. It was over. I still liaise with the court assignee. Any questions I still have I know I can pick up the phone to either Paul or Jane and they will be as helpful as ever. Neo changed our family situation for the better. Paul and Jane have an amazing relationship with you as a client. As I have said, I never felt as if I was being brushed off or that I was annoying them with all my many questions. They were professional and committed to helping us through a very difficult time in our lives. I would like to once again thank Paul and Jane for all their hard word and dedication.
We purchased a one bedroom apartment of 400sq ft. in 2007 as a starter home, by 2011 our family had grown and it was necessary to move. The value of the apartment had fallen by 70%, and therefore we couldn’t sell the property due to the negative equity we would have been left with. We had no choice but to move into rented accommodation and rent out the apartment.  The rental income was not covering the mortgage and making ends meet became a vicious circle of borrowing more from the credit union, family, credit cards etc. The banks would not negotiate on a write down and we were at our wits end.

We contacted Paul Carroll at Neo Financial and he began acting on our behalf.  He discussed all our options and felt bankruptcy was the right route for us. Jane and Paul at Neo Financial showed compassion and empathy with our situation. We had a lot of questions which they took the time to answer and explain, they took all the fears away during our time of need. They handled our case in a calm and professional manner, we finally felt like we had someone on our side.

Thank you Paul and Jane after 5 years of being paralyzed and consumed by debt we have our lives back and a fresh start you were with us every step of the way we couldn’t have got through it without your support.

I just wanted to thank you both again for all your good work representing us and helping us to resolve our financial situation with our mortgage arrears and debt. We couldn't have gotten the outcome we did without you. Thank you for being there every time I called to listen to, and answer, the many questions we had, which might have sounded quite particular and stressed at times! I always felt better after talking to you both.  
I had a small business which hit financial difficulties and had to cease trading, I was a sole trader and along with some other business debts I had signed a long term property lease which I was still liable for even though the business had ceased trading. I was managing to pay my mortgage but the old business debts were unsustainable.  My family home was in joint names with my wife but she was not involved with the business debts.

Paul Carroll and the team at Neo Financial helped us make the tough decisions by giving us expert advice, guidance and the compassion needed to make the right choices.  Paul took on our case and firstly tried to negotiate with my creditors in an attempt avoid bankruptcy. All the creditors did not agree to my proposal and bankruptcy was the final option.  I was so scared and felt like a failure however Paul helped to restore my confidence and gain back some of the dignity that I lost when I felt we had nowhere to turn.   We have been able to keep our family home as my wife was not part of the process.  Thank you Neo Financial for all your kindness and support.

We had been struggling for a few years with some property problems, rents decreased, some properties were not let all the time, property values decreased, etc I started to worry about property problems and that led to me also to taking my eye off the ball with my own business which was in decline due to the recession and therefore also got into difficulties. A friend of mine told me to go and meet Paul and Jane Carroll, Paul had an initial phone call with me to see if he could help, and after that conversation told me without hesitation that they could help. We met Paul and Jane they were so nice, normal and confident, my wife was very nervous and Paul put her at ease he explained to us about the Bankruptcy process. We made our decision that day on the way home in the car and we both had tears of relief, that the pain and worry would be fixed. And it was, it was simple, Paul and Jane helped us through it all the way, we could not recommend them highly enough.  
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I am a self-employed tradesman and when the boom happened I started doing some property developing. At the time I had a number of employees, things were doing great.  The recession hit property prices fell and I was left with some properties that I couldn’t sell, work started to become scarce and my business debts began to accumulate.  For five years I was trying to negotiate with the banks but was having no joy.

I got in touch with Neo Financial just to see if there was anything I could do resolve what I felt was a hopeless situation. Paul Carroll helped making a hard decision the right one he is very patient and helpful. He went through my options and bankruptcy was the only way to solve my situation.  He never made me feel like my questions were stupid or irrelevant he put me at ease explained the whole process and was with me every step of the way.

I would highly recommend Neo to anyone who is having financial difficulties or considering bankruptcy.  It was a frightening process to go through and Paul Carroll’s support and expertise made it so much easier I felt it was the best money I had ever spent, I am debt free and can get on with my life.

Having spent 5/6 years of grief trying to negotiate with banks to sort my debt problems I decided Bankruptcy was the only option left to me. I did some research and approached Paul for advice and assistance in going through the process. Paul very professional and he gave me good advice and support throughout the process. As I was going through this process on my own I very much appreciated Jane's personable approach as it was a time of crisis for me. Their fee was fixed with no hidden costs. I cannot recommend them highly enough for assisting me through a very difficult period in my life.
To any person in Ireland living with the Black Shadow of Debt looming over your life; In 2007 I bought my house. In 2008 the global financial crisis and subsequent property market crash in Ireland left me in serious debt. For five years I struggled to pay my mortgage leaving almost nothing for food, transport for work, heating etc. I started to fall behind with my payments with no hope of catching up, that's when the letters and the stress really started. Through extreme good fortune I heard Paul Carroll speaking on the radio, I made an appointment to see him. That was the best appointment with anyone I've ever had. He made me realise I wasn't alone in this (far from it), and that there was no reason financial or otherwise to remain in slavery for life to this mortgage. Paul then showed me a few simple steps to start my process of declaring Bankruptcy. The new Irish Bankruptcy legislation is fantastic and quiet simple. Paul Carroll, and his wife and business partner Jane Carroll run Neo Financial Solutions. Paul clarified my situation and explained the process. Jane then, almost literally, walked me through the whole process from start to finish with calls and emails and advise and reminders. Paul also attended and expertly guided me through each court day or formal meeting. I am now debt free and actually enjoying life again! Our banking and lending institutions are typically large grey anonymous, hard to communicate with, unfriendly and uncaring organizations. Neo Financial Solutions are the complete opposite. Thank you Paul and Jane for the professional, excellent and personal service you provide through Neo Financial SOLUTIONS!